Hi, I'm Matt and I've been building community platforms since 1999.

When the web was in its infancy, I created an early community platform called Ikonboard. It featured advanced features such as emoji, private messaging, robust moderation controls and many other features that are standard today.

In 2002 I founded Invision Community with my two co-founders Charles and Lindy. Together we've built Invision Community from a niche freeware product into a growing business with a team of twenty.

We have had to navigate the birth of social media, the explosion of new community platforms and moving from a free product to a paid product to a SaaS/cloud product as our customer needs changed over the decades.

It's been quite a ride but we're not done yet!

Outside of my work, I have two children and enjoy running.

I blog a lot about community for our business but I wanted a personal space for less formal and structured writing on community and development. I blogged almost daily in the early 2000s before social media stole our collective interests.

This is a way to get back into the habit of writing beyond the 280 characters that Twitter allows.

You can reach me via Twitter and LinkedIn or on our company forums.

Matt @ Mastodon